Dining With Jenn  was a logo created for a food blogger who wanted to branch out from just blogging about food on twitter. She wanted to start a Youtube channel and an Instagram as well, and she wanted them all branded with a look that felt like her. I created this logo for her to use across all forms of social media, using a plate like circle for a background and chopsticks (as she reviews quite a lot of the LA scene's Japanese and Korean eateries) to help reinforce the nature of her brand as a food blogger.
  Studio Swingtime  is a Lindy Hop teaching and dance group in Switzerland. They reached out to me to create a logo that they could put on social media, flyers, and t-shirts. They very specifically wanted a dancing couple in the logo, so I tried to balance the words of the logo around the illustration I created of the dancers, and used a bright color palette to help catch attention.
  Sunflower Body & Mind  is an independent masseuse's business. She wanted a logo for Yelp and business cards. Her brand is very natural and her disposition is very sunny and cheery. I wanted the logo to reflect that personality with a warm yellow color palette. The illustration of the sunflower bursting from the contented persons mind was born of the idea that you can let your mind flourish when you take care of it and your body.
  Flight Aerial Fitness  is an aerial silks bootcamp located in San Diego. The owner wanted a logo to put on her website, on t-shirts, and on postcards. The font mix I chose to create a sense of delicacy on the words flight and aerial, but still have that heavy gym feel in the word fitness. The illustration gives anyone not familiar with aerial silks a better sense of what that type of activity looks like, and is also an attractive piece of art as a standalone on a t-shirt.
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